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Hey, kids!

Romano here with a brief update from these here hardcore trenches. We've been very busy with keeping our company alive and getting orders shipped out, so it's been a while since our last update, but rest assured, we're still on the air, and we're still working hard to bring you our best.

We're a company made up of JUST TWO GUYS and because we don't really make a dime off these books, we both have day jobs.  Some of you may know I write movies for Lifetime; Shawn just took a new full time gig to support his rather large family. But though the demands on our time are great, we're still committed to Eibon Press.  Things just take a little longer now, between our day jobs and... well, the fucking world kinda coming to an end. Everyone who has a small-time mail order business like ours is feeling this, guys.  There's just no way around the effects that Covid and related supply chain disruptions and staffing problems have created.

BUT!  Shawn's a fucking rock star, and with all the effort and twice the thunder, MANIAC 2: ROADKILL Number Two is almost totally shipped out.  He's made a super-human effort to rise above all our problems and get these books to you.  (Be sure to thank him for it, and share pictures of your orders when you get them!)  We know you've been waiting a long, long time for this book, but the LAST BATCH OF ORDERS WENT OUT as of Sunday Feb 6!  THOSE OF YOU WHO ORDERED MULTIPLE BOOKS with your MANIAC 2 order may have to wait a bit longer.  For example, if you ordered THE BEYOND #1 RETAIL EDITION with MANIAC 2, well then it has to wait until BEYOND RETAIL ships, unfortunately. As I mentioned, it's taking us a lot longer to ship things out for all sorts of complicated reasons, all having to do with the "sign o' the times," but I won't bore you any longer with all that shit.

Now that MANIAC 2 has shipped, Shawn will be filling orders for BEYOND RETAIL EDITION. The plan is to get those shipped this month.

AND PROJECT 51?  Glad you asked . . .


I, personally, have been fulfilling all orders for PROJECT 51.  There were some problems there too.  We had some books damaged in shipping and I had to pause for a rush re-order from the factory, but if all goes well, I should be able to get the next and last batch of orders into the mail by the end of next week, which is around February 11.  Another large batch of orders goes out THIS WEEK, which means most of you will get your copies soon!  ALMOST ALL PSYCHO FAN ORDERS HAVE BEEN SHIPPED, with a few remaining stragglers to be filled as outlined above.  


AGAIN, I am PERSONALLY PACKING AND SIGNING EACH BOOK in those orders and every copy SOLD OUT, so this hasn't been easy.  My kitchen has become a freaking mail order depot!  Also, Texas got hit by another ice storm this year, and it killed our local post service for a few days, which delayed the reprinted books even more.  But the good news is all the orders been carefully packed by Yours Truly and EACH AND EVERY ONE gets a little extra something, even if you only ordered one book and not the Psycho Fan Package.  Be sure to let me know what you think of PROJECT 51. It's a very dear project to me indeed.

That's a little mimi poster/brochure that comes with every order; I paid for those out of my own pocket so you could have little extra, as our way of saying thanks for all the love and support. Plus, there may be another fun goodie lurking in your packages as well . . .

 Okay, so what's next?  MANIAC 2: ROADKILL #3 was also delayed due to all these problems, but it's in the printing pipe now, and boy are you gonna love this.  We'll announce the pre-order date soon!  Meanwhile here's a SNEEK PEEK!

This issue deals with an extended flashback on Frank's backstory, which comes to you in gory detail!

And also, Jeff Zornow is hard at work on ESCAPE FROM THE BEYOND #2, which will be coming your way after ESCAPE #1 ships, mostly likely on March or April. Check it out:

Again, we're very sorry for these delays.  So much of this is only quasi in our control. Not only does everything take about four times longer to ship, but the factories that print our stuff are under-staffed and they take twice as long, too. And then there's international delays, which is all about border inspections and custom officials.  ARRRGGGH.  But, hey, we hope you'll hang in there with us... because in the end, IT'S ALL WORTH IT!  

Any questions, or comments or fan mail, just send it here.

ONE LAST NOTE:  If you were one of the PROJECT 51 CONTEST WINNERS we announced HERE, then guess what?  You get a free book!  So drop me a line through my WEBSITE RIGHT HERE, and give me your shipping address and I'll get one out to you!  BE PATIENT.  I need to ship the paying orders first. But you'll be very happy when you get your special "contributor's package."


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