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Eibon Press. News on delays and the future. Must read.

Whats up Eibon Press folks? Just a little update and news for you. As most of you already know the past 3 years have been rough for us. Before the pandemic hit we were barely making our current business model continue to work and when the pandemic over took the world it sent us into a downward spiral. We simply were not selling enough books to keep the lights on here. The bills were not getting paid and neither were Stephen and I. Our last 4 books performed way under what was needed to continue things but I didn’t want to throw in the towel until we finish what was on our plate and we have licensors counting on us to see this all through as well. Stephen and I have not been paid in 4 years now. So I took a day job about a year ago now and Stephen took on more of his writing gigs at the Lifetime Network so we could survive and make ends meet. We are both doing well now personally but my day job has turned into a new career for me, a demanding one, but a necessary one, and it has only left me only one day per week to work on Eibon Press. Yep one day a week. Sundays. Every Sunday. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you know how labor intensive Eibon books are, even our Eibon Sleeves are hand folded and glued together. Everything is hand assembled, signed & numbered, shrink wrapped and sticker’d by me, by myself. This all takes time and with one day per week to work on it, well, things are slower than shit unfortunately. We currently have two pre-orders left to ship here. Escape From The Beyond is getting close to being ready. I am working on them all day today, been up since 4am this morning and I will work 15 hours today on them. Once Escape From The Beyond has shipped I will move on to Roadkill Issue 3 and knock those out as fast as I can as well. If you have pre-orders for these two titles, do not worry, all the books, sleeves and extras for these two titles are here in my hands, its just a matter of putting them together and shipping them. I will update everyone here every Sunday until these both are finally shipped. After Escape and Roadkill have been shipped we will reassess things here at Eibon and figure out what we can do, if there is anything we can do. Maybe changing the nature of our product and making it “less deluxe” is the answer, or maybe we will just have to shut the doors here and end on a high note, we shall see. But I just wanted you to fully understand what is going on here, why things are so slow, and that all orders and pre-orders are being taken care of, slowly but surely. Stephen and I appreciate the years of dedication and support from you all, especially those of you that have been Psycho Fans since day one, none of our unique and unrivaled back catalog would have been possible without you guys. Stephen, Pat and I are extremely proud of the comic magic we’ve created here at Eibon, they truly are the best horror comics ever created. Your continued patience is truly appreciated. If you’re getting a little antsy, we totally understand. We only ask that you remain patient, positive and understanding while we take care of things, Thanks -Shawn

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