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Holy shit, right?
Hi, kids!  Stephen here, with our big CHAINSAW FRANK BLACK FRIDAY announcement!  (And, yep, that's the fucking COVER of MANIAC 2: ROADKILL #1, but wait, there's lots more!)  This year we're doing our usual 15% OFF SALE, which is cool enough... but we're also bringing out our baddest-ass release of the year.  And when we say BAD ASS, we mean FRANK ZITO and MANIAC 2: ROADKILL!
On THURSDAY NOVEMBER 5 at 7pm, we'll be releasing the first issue of our OFFICIAL SEQUEL SERIES to the classic film MANIAC.  It's an all-new story and an all-new series, featuring the continuing adventures of Joe Spinell as Frank Zito, the MANIAC, as he speeds down a very dark road, in search of his "one true love," ANNA D'ANTONI!
And let me tell you, guys, this issue is super special.  Pat Carbajal is back and providing the most amazing and intense artwork of his entire career.  (And that's saying a lot because he really outdid himself on Lucio Fulci's THE BEYOND!)  Nobody---but NOBODY--- does Joe Spinell like Pat!  He's done more than FIVE COVERS for this series that will blow your minds, two of which are paintings featuring the all-new upgraded CHAINSAW FRANK, as he slashes his way into the new series!
Our sleeve-cover is our most audacious and impressive to date. The full wraparound has the amazing painted art and an incredible sketch portrait of Frank on the back:
Plus in the Psycho Fan Edition, you get THIS unsleeved Chainsaw Frank variant cover (PICTURED BELOW) featuring the alternate title treatment.  This was a very popular concept when we did the 7 DOORS OF DEATH variant cover series for THE BEYOND, so we're doing it here too.  Each issue of MANIAC 2 will have a ROADKILL painted alternate cover and only 100 of them will be printed, just for you PSYCHO FANS!  So when this is all over, you'll have two sets of the series, each with an alternate cover treatment!
Here's a closer look at EVERYTHING you get in the BLACK FRIDAY CHAINSAW FRANK PSYCHO FAN EDITION.  It's just crazy, guys. Thumb the AD BELOW large on your phone to see all the insane deets:
This edition gives you a SHIT TON of extras, like a 10 ART CARD SET, an incredible POSTER, an ENAMEL PIN featuring CHAINSAW FRANK and FOUR VERSIONS of the book, including the ROADKILL un-sleeved variant, and the SPLATTER MOTEL VARIANT pictured ABOVE AND BELOW, with the "before and after" version of what happens in this soon-to-be-infamous horror sequence in the comic, where Frank traps a hitcher and goes full Black Dahlia on her!  (That was totally Pat's idea!)  This is also limited to just 100 COPIES printed, and it comes in the Eibon sleeve, with the special insert cover, giving you THREE FUCKING COVERS on just this one version! 
Plus we have the SCRIPTBOOK version of this issue, with the entire book's production shown in detail:

This CHAINSAW FRANK BLACK FRIDAY PSYCHO EDITION is THE BEST collector's value on the market today, and you get 15% OFF THE PRICE from Nov. 26 (THANKSGIVING) to Nov 30th (CYBER MONDAY)!

If that's still a bit too rich for you blood, you can get the SIGNATURE EDITION, too, which gives you the signed book, plus the poster and the enamel pin!
And, lastly our STANDARD EDITION, which is still really hot, with that great Eibon Sleeve slipcover and two exclusive trading cards you won't get anywhere else!



Altogether, FOUR MAIN COVERS, plus two bonus covers in the Psycho set!
We're really proud of this series, guys, and we hope you'll dig right in and feel the madness!  It all goes on sale NOVEMBER 26 at 7pm!  Check out some exclusive PREVIEW PAGES BELOW from the book, featuring Anna and Frank!
On a final note, we've really appreciated you guys continuing to support us through this crazy fucked-up year and apologize for the especially long shipping delay on the last two books.  It was an unavoidable delay, unfortunately, mostly due to a colossal misstep we made in switching to a stateside printing firm during this crisis to speed up production.  Boy was THAT a mistake.  These guys proved grossly incompetent and really fucked us over. Combined with the usual delays in shipping due to Covid, this whole clusterfuck set us back literally months, costing us time and money.  We've been struggling hard just to keep on making comic books, kids.  But we're scrappy bastards.  We decided the best way to get your books was to combine shipping on both the MANIAC GRAPHIC NOVEL and THE BEYOND #4 into one package which has been a LOT of extra work for Shawn, but he's finally conquered the mountain and it all begins shipping TODAY.  Please check your inboxes for shipping notices and CHECK THOSE SPAM FOLDERS TOO before sending us a message.  As usual, it takes about five days or so to get everything in the pipe, but after this coming week, we should be caught up and you'll have your stuff!  We just didn't feel right getting MANIAC 2 out there until we'd shipped these, and it meant some extra wait time while we cleared away the rubble, but I know you'll agree that every day you hung in there was worth what you'll be getting in your mailboxes soon.  PLEASE LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.  Post pics on your socials. Do a video review.  TELL YOUR FRIENDS.  Every little bit counts these days.  And we want you to know how much it means to us, because it means a lot.  We don't make these comics because we make a lot of money.  In fact, we lose money on every single issue. I mean, just look at the added value we keep insisting on?  WHO DOES THAT, this side of Kickstarter?
We're still hard at work!
WASTELAND #3 and MANIAC 2: ROADKILL #2 will be coming soon.  We may be small, but we're mad motherfuckers, and if you hang in there with us, we promise we'll never let you down!

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