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BOTTOMFEEDER: FULL BLACK! Special Introduction By Joe R. Lansdale! Coming June 12th!

UPDATE: Release date changed to Friday JUNE 19th at 7pm Pacific -Thanks 


Hey, kids!

Stephen Romano here, reporting from the front lines of the WAR ON BOREDOM.  We’re taking the battle right to the enemy this upcoming month, with a crazy little project we’ve had in the works for a while.  Our flagship original series BOTTOMFEEDER is almost sold out, because YOU made it one of our biggest sellers!  (Seriously, we only have FOUR Psychos fan editions of issue #2 and fifty standard copies left of issue #3—the rest is gone, baby!)   We’re proud of the evil mutant bastard and we want to keep it available to you, and as it turns out we’ve had this thing we’ve wanted to do with it all along… so get, ready, kids, we’re bringing out:

Yep, it’s our THIRD Eibon Press collection, but as you can see, it’s a real motherfucker.  When we first teamed up with JOE PILATO to make this story back in 2010 as a film, he always envisioned it as a black and white film noir.  We came JUST THIS CLOSE to doing that for the comic series proper, too, when we originally published it.  But we decided not to for “commercial reasons.”  That was when we were working with other publishers, mind you.  Today, we ARE the publishers . . . and we say TO HELL WITH COLOR.  So we’re bringing out the full saga in BLACK AND WHITE, out of reverence for good old Joe and because we always wanted to. But this isn’t your standard “noir” edition, the way it’s traditionally done at places like DC, where they simply remove the colors and present the original art boards.  No, no.  We wanted a full range of grayscale colors to accentuate all the shades of darkness, as if you were really watching an old 1940s pulp movie.  So we’ve been poring over the original pages and the color files and painstakingly reconfiguring it all.  And we haven’t just been converting color to grayscale.  We even brought back original series colorist FATBOY to rework some of the bigger scenes, so it all works perfectly in black and white.  And of course, you get ALL NEW COVERS and a KILLER WRAPAROUND EIBON SLEEVE that will melt your face. 

Let me tell you something, kids.  This thing is BEAUTIFUL.

Shawn read the FULL BLACK version all the way through the other day and thinks it’s the best, most involving version of the story yet.  Hot damn, you’re gonna love this!

In all, it’s 172 pages of mayhem. The longest graphic novel project we’ve ever done, almost twice the size of the last two.  So this hasn’t been an easy or inexpensive proposition.  But we’re still kicking out the jams, as they say.  (Do they still say  that?  I’m old and dumb.)  We’re making this thing available in a deluxe trade paperback edition, with a wraparound EIBON SLEEVE Slipcover and special brochure, PLUS we’re throwing in Dave Neabore’s incredible soundtrack album and Joe Pilato's bonus tracks as Joe Angell too!  Here’s all you get in the Standard Editions

And PSYCHO FANS?  Ha. Yeah, we hear you.  BOTTOMFEEFER issue #1 was actually the first comic we ever did with a “psycho fan offer,” and so we felt this new collection had to top everything that’s come before.  We promise it will.  Look for an official announcement on that, kids. VERY SOON.

And that’s not all the amazing we’ve got on tap.

I also talked my good pal JOE R. LANSDALE, champion mojo storyteller, into penning AN ALL NEW INTRODUCTION for BOTTOMFEEDER: FULL BLACK.  Joe is the best, and we think you dig his take on our particular brand of badassery. 

We’ll be making more announcements and revealing more art as we get closer to the launch of this book, which will be Friday June 12th at 7pm Pacific! 

But for now, check our incredible back cover by Pat Carbajal. He just finished this for us and the ink is barely dry.  Those are Fatboy’s grayscale colors too, done especially for this release.  We’re working overtime to make this our most amazing book yet!

So it’s time for FULL BLACK.

That’s “noir” in AMERICAN, baby.

As always, thanks for your ongoing patronage and support, during this very real shit-storm we’re all in.  But remember, we’re all in it with you, and we’ll keep cranking out books for you to read.  Many of out titles, such as MANIAC and HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY are selling out, which is kind of a bummer for anyone who slept on those… but it allows us more revenue to keep moving forward with new issues, new titles, new obsessions.  And we think you’ll like what the future hold, kids.  Some killer stuff headed your way. Brace yourselves.  It’s gonna be a bloodbath...

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