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Bottomfeeder...for those of us who still like their horror stories grisly, shocking, raunchy, and disturbing...

Bottomfeeder was our first original comic series here at Eibon Press, Its a gut-wrenching exploitation story harkening back to the good old days when horror films were mean, nasty, and unbridled...Imagine Humanoids From The Deep meets the Bad Lieutenant, Bottomfeeder IS the best of both of those worlds....

Originally intended to be Joe Pilato's comback film, sadly we were never able to raise the 2.5 million to bring it before the cameras and shoot it proper. But we never gave up, we believed in the script and couldn't stand the thought of never being able to share this awesome horrific tale with Joe Pilato's fans so we decided to reimagine the script and create a comic series.

Turning the script into a comic series gave us more freedom to be creative and take the story to levels would never have been able to achieve in a low budget film and we were able to "cast" the series with some of our favorite character actors. 

Besides our star Joe Pilato, you will also see the official likenesses of Bill MoseleyClu GulagerTrent Haaga and many more! You will also find characters inspired by Joe Spinell and Zoe Tamerlis! 

The entire Bottomfeeder saga is NOW AVAILABLE in our on line store! Three thick and massive 60-page books, 180 pages in total and it came out PERFECT. It's the film we wanted to shoot, scene for scene... 

Artist Pat Carbajal created a truly cinematic experience in comic form, you actually feel like you are watching the film as you read! It's a MUST OWN for any horror and exploitation film fan. 

Check out the very first Bottomfeeder article originally published in The Book Of Eibon issue #1:


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