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Beyond Issue #4 Sneak Peek! Wasteland Issue #3 Cover Reveal!

Hey guys, Shawn here. I'm taking a break from shipping Bottomfeeder FULL BLACK to give you a quick little update. The remainder of the Bottomfeeder orders will go out tomorrow so if you haven't seen your tracking number you will see it soon. Also any other unfulfilled orders in the store, not including Beyond #4 pre-orders, will ship tomorrow too. I know a few of you have been waiting for your packages to ship while I've been assembling Bottomfeeder Full Black, unfortunately the Bottomfeeder assembly took me longer than anticipated but you should all see your tracking numbers tomorrow too. 

Also thanks for those of you that came out and supported The Beyond Issue #4! It is selling fast! All editions are getting low! Check out an awesome sneak peek page, Pat Carbajal and Bruna Costa are killing it! 

And if you haven't jumped on the Beyond #4 Psycho Edition, you better do it now, only a few left! Don't miss your opportunity to own these rare variant covers and other collectibles! 

In other news we are hard at work on Wasteland Issue #3 and Maniac 2: Roadkill, our highly anticipated Maniac sequel series! Both are due out later this year and both will blow your goddamn minds! Check out Puis Calzada's juicy cover for Wasteland Issue #3

 That rules huh? We've got some great stuff to close the year out, stay tuned! -shawn

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