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Beyond #3 Psycho Edition Extras Revealed! Beyond #2 Assembly Begins!

Hey kids, Shawn here!  All the books and extras for The Beyond #2 have arrived at the Eibon Compound and everything came out perfect! Assembly and signing begins this weekend. I've included some pics below, so check them out! Keep your eyes peeled for another newsletter when everything is ready to be mailed out into your hot little hands. This issue is a stone killer, too.  It begins the first part of the film adaptation proper with a ton of new and expanded scenes!

We are flying through The Beyond series. Pat just started on the art for the fourth and final issue this week! I just saw the first page this morning and it's the perfect start to the final issue. Goddamn, its hard to believe we've come this far, this fast. Our team really is a well-oiled horror comic machine and no other indie publisher can touch us. Period. 

As you probably know, The Beyond Issue #3 goes on sale Friday May 1st at 7PM Pacific. Over the next few weeks I will post more details on this issue but here's a sneak of the Psycho Fan Package.  And it's a killer one too. Please note you get a Full Color Screen Printed T-Shirt in this package and you will need to pick your size at check out, don't forget. I'm doing up to 4XL on these if you need a bigger one let us know soon.  Also, the tee is only available for a LIMITED TIME.  Just ten days from when this baby goes up for pre-order.  So be sure to read all the ad copy and ordering info carefully.

Check out the issue #3 Eibon Sleeve!  Nobody draws Jill Connors better than Pat Carbajal!  See you in the store May 1st at 7pm Pacific! 

Finally here's some Beyond Issue #2 product pics.  Assemby and signing begins this weekend! Everyone will see tracking numbers soon, so stay tuned! 



"Fulci Lives"




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