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50% Off Sale! Wasteland 1989 Issue #2 NOW ON SALE

Wasteland 1989 Issue #2 is NOW ON SALE guys and for a limited time get 50% Off EVERYTHING in our store! Thats right, our 50% off MAYHEM SALE Begins NOW!

Use Coupon Code: MAYHEM27 at check out. $20 minimum purchase. 

Wasteland 1989 Issue #2 is available in 3 different editions scroll down here and check each one out or just head over to our STORE NOW and start shopping!

First up we have our Wasteland 1989 Issue #2 Psycho Edition:

Check out everything you get in this Psycho Fan Set kids!  It's on FIRE! You get three amazing editions, included a 50 page ashcan-sized script book plus amazing exclusive prints, a super limited bookmark, and  ALL the extras from both the Standard and Signed Editions! 

And don't forget, because of our MARCH MAYHEM 50% OFF SALE instead of $80, you only pay ONLY $40! BUT THAT'S ONLY GOOD UNTIL THIS SUNDAY. Then it's eighty bucks again. Do not pass this up! 


 And here’s our Wasteland 1989 Issue #2 Signature Edition:

Check out the Signature Edition extras! You get a signed art print exclusive trading cards and MORE! 

And with our MARCH MAYHEM 50% Off SALE, you knock down your price from $20 to just $10! WHAT?! $10 for the Signature Edition? Are we fucking crazy.  Yes.  Yes, we're fucking crazy.

And finally our Wasteland 1989 Issue #2 Standard Edition:

In our Standard Edition you get two exclusive trading cards and MORE! 

And with our 50% OFF MARCH MAYHEM SALE your price drops from $15 to only $7.50. That is fucking silly cheap.  ($20 Minimum purchase)

Check out some Wasteland Issue #2 Samples! 


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